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Mr Inbetween



Mr Inbetween


Juggling a new relationship, parental responsibilities, friendship and a sick brother while earning a living would be difficult for anyone, but it's particularly difficult when you're a hitman. 

Ray Shoesmith "takes care of people" - collecting debts, relieving them of drugs and guns, and often taking care of them on a permanent basis. Ray demands respect and does not tolerate anyone who doesn't live up to his very strong and very clear code of ethics. The few he trusts - daughter Brittany, brother Bruce and best friend Gary - he'll do anything for, so when Gary is set up by his own brother-in-law, Ray rips the lid off a Pandora's box of inter-gang conflict and personal retributions. As a series of very unfortunate, very bloody and darkly funny events play out, the bodies pile up, and Ray must avoid being one of them.

Starring Scott Ryan (The Magician), Brooke Satchwell (Packed To The Rafters), Justin Rosniak (Squinters), Damon Herriman (Justified) and Lizzie Schebesta.