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Great British Railway Journeys



Great British Railway Journeys


Season 5

Saturdays at 8.30pm Channel 017

Using a nineteenth century Bradshaw’s Handbook for travelling through Victorian Britain, Michael Portillo sets off on four new railway journeys which will take him across Britain. Michael traverses Britain’s railway network using Bradshaw’s Descriptive Railway Guide following its recommendations for places to visit and things to do while investigating the characters, locations and hotels suggested in his handbook that take his interest. Along the way he will meet with members of the British public, and gain a fascinating insight into the history of Victorian Britain. Great British Railway Journeys is also snapshot of the country today – its people, stories, scenery, architecture, customs, history and how life and landscape have changed over the last 150 years since Bradshaw became a household name. Michael’s journey starts in Manchester, where he discovers how the city gave birth to a revolutionary political movement. His travels will also see him visit Chesterfield, Northampton, Leeds and Gloucester and more, before wrapping up his journey in Chichester.