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Martin Clunes: Islands Of Australia


Martin Clunes: Islands Of Australia


Sundays from 1 January 8.30pm Channel 017

Popular UK actor and presenter Martin Clunes is off to Australia, however, he’s eschewing the traditional hot spots in favour of some of the country’s most remote, diverse and interesting islands. And he’s got more than 8,000 to choose from.

The series sees Martin travel to the East Coast islands with their European settlers, meet with indigenous communities and explore the watery wildernesses of the North and West. Then finally, his journey takes him to the South Coast islands, with their strong links to the mainland and beyond.

It is a voyage around the adventure playgrounds, the best-kept secrets and the astonishing surprises of the islands of Australia. The sheer diversity of Australia’s islands is incredible, and spans from exotic creatures, to spectacular marine life, and of course the different people who inhabit them.

From shipwrecks and real-life Robinson Crusoe’s, to remote cultures and curious creatures, Martin Clunes encounters them all on his Islands of Australia.