Believe It or Not! Quizzes Are the New Black, and Bion is the Unsung Lockdown Hero
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“We’ve had a lot of conversations in here at BION about how adversity breeds opportunity – and by giving back with free quizzes in a time of crisis we’ve discovered this has worked in our favour.  What’s more, the lockdown is delivering in spades when it comes to awareness and interest in our quiz product,” says Brendan Lochead, Founder & Marketing and Sales Manager for Believe It Or Not. 

“For our free live streaming Wednesday quiz last week we had 1,300 players, but last night we hit 3,900 taking part and 24,470 in total who have since done the quiz.  Sky, which owns 51 percent of BION has also launched the Sky Sport Quiz channel 24/7 quiz which has seen extraordinary growth since we kicked it off at the start of lockdown. Growth has been so rapid we’re now working on extending out the categories for the 24/7 Sky quiz from solely sport to general knowledge. There’ll be something for everyone in your bubble.”

The business had to pivot almost overnight when their largest customer base – pubs and clubs essentially went on hiatus – but the team decided very quickly that this was the time to put even more muscle into growing their product offer and their client base.

Lochead says, “We’re super busy with the Sky Sport Quiz, newspaper quizzes and other clients but we’ve had calls from around the world wanting our product – so we’re up all hours at the moment talking with all sorts of potential customers.  Not everyone can whip up a quiz to keep a variety of punters happy.  We’ve spent years perfecting our craft and we know what it takes to keep quizzers challenged and involved, week after week (and now day after day!).”

Lochead is great mates with Shaun Wallace of The Chase fame – who logged on last night to take part in the live quiz.  

“We had some technical challenges, but he’s such a good egg and he gave us a fantastic push and helped us grow our audience by a staggering 400%.  It’s got us thinking about what else we can do – so we’re cooking up a few plans to keep everything fresh.  Make sure you tune in next week for more – from 7.30 on Wednesday.”

The Believe It Or Not team’s ‘pay it forward’ approach means they’re giving away a couple of free quizzes on their Facebook page each week for families and flatties to try out at home.  Check it out here: 

The live YouTube event is on every Wednesday from 7.30pm, and super sports fans can test their mettle 24/7 on Sky Sport 1*.

If you have some quiz questions and answers you think would stump the nation submit them here: