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Press Release



SKY is again running a special channel promotion during September to raise money for Starship – and has got some serious talent on board to give a helping hand.

For the next month, SKY customers can take a premium channel for just $5, with every cent raised going to support the Starship Foundation. They can choose from six much-loved channels - SoHo, SKY Sport, Country TV, Arts, Rialto and, if you subscribe to Sky Sport, Rugby channel.

NZ music icon Tiki Taane and the Crowd Goes Wild’s James McOnie, along with Starship patients Imeleina Ale and Ethan Zakeri, are helping get the word out. 

Tiki has supported Starship ever since he acted on a dream he had in which he gifted the Foundation with a lullaby he’d written for his son.  He’s now written a short tune with five-year-old Ethan Zakeri, about Ethan’s Starship experience. Ethan suffered a traumatic injury while holidaying in Fiji with his family last year and had to be airlifted back to New Zealand on the Starship National Air Ambulance. 

James also has a personal connection to Starship after his 12-year-old daughter had her appendix out there earlier this year. His support for the September campaign has resulted in a friendship with seven-year-old Imeleina from Auckland, who is awaiting a kidney transplant and has been in and out of Starship since she was born.

Kirsty Way, SKY’s spokesperson says: “I’m so proud that SKY can help Starship patients like Ethan and Imeleina and know our customers and staff are right behind the Foundation.

“We are proud to be a 5 Star Supporter and every dollar raised this month will make a real difference to the vital work Starship does every day. The contributions SKY and our customers have made over the years have helped fund hospital upgrades, new medical equipment, provided support for the Starship National Air Ambulance and its crew and perhaps most importantly put SKY in patient and family rooms to entertain kids and families during their stay at Starship”

Starship Foundation Chief Executive, Brad Clark says: “SKY’s ongoing support is a key ingredient to enhance the patient and family experience at Starship – it is greatly appreciated. The SKY team and their customers really help ensure that Starship can continue to provide the best possible outcomes for our children and young people.  Please help, and get behind this campaign to support the Starship National Air Ambulance, which is a lifeline for families around the country”