Sky to Become a One-stop-shop for Connectivity and Content
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New Zealand’s leading sport and entertainment provider has today announced plans to launch a high-performance broadband service as part of its strategy for growth.

The broadband service will be built for entertainment and will draw on Sky’s wide reach, rich content offering, and New Zealand based customer services team.

Sky’s Chief Executive, Martin Stewart, says: “Sky is passionate about connecting New Zealanders with the sport and entertainment they love in ways that work for them.

“We want to provide the best possible sport and entertainment experience to New Zealanders, and a high-quality, high-speed broadband service built specifically for entertainment helps us do that.

“Broadband will be a superb addition to our offering because it enables us to reward our customers with greater value whilst opening opportunities for growth.”

Stewart says that Sky Broadband will leverage the strengths Sky has developed over the past 30 years and offer customers better choice, value and reward in the market.

“We’ve been reliably putting technology that’s simple to use into Kiwi homes for decades and our customer services team has earned a reputation for delivering top-quality service. We have world-class content, a large customer base, a recognised brand, and we’ve been bundling our content with broadband partners for years,” he says.

As well as being built for entertainment and all the things New Zealanders love to do online, Sky Broadband will stand out through bundled content offers, customer experience, customer care and price.

“What’s exciting is that we’re designing Sky Broadband around exactly what New Zealanders want – super-fast reliable broadband, genuine responsive service, simple packages, great pricing and not a word of jargon in sight,” says Stewart.

Launching next year, Sky will first offer Sky Broadband to its customers as an opportunity to reward customer loyalty. Sky will then focus on the hundreds of thousands of New Zealand homes that are fibre ready through the Ultra-Fast Broadband scheme but not yet connected.
“We look forward to playing our part in connecting Kiwis to the best broadband option available to them, for the best possible experience online,” says Stewart.

More details will be provided in the coming months.