Congratulations Smithy!
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We are so delighted Ian Smith’s magnificent contribution has been acknowledged with the award of the Bert Sutcliffe Medal.  
Ian ‘Smithy’ Smith has had such a positive impact on the game we love to play and watch. We are privileged to have worked with him for so many years – and that he continues to work with the Sky team.
Ian’s work goes far beyond cricket – both as a player and a commentator.  He is also a mentor for our team and continues to help develop new ideas, even in the midst of a pandemic.  
This week we see the launch of Sky Sport Presents The Pod, and Smithy is the first of our crew to speak in-depth with leaders in the world of sport including Sir Steve Hansen.
It is testament to his incredible rapport with decision and playmakers the world over that we are able to launch a fantastic new show, with his help, under trying circumstances.
Congratulations Smithy.  

We look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion as soon as we are able.

Martin Stewart, CEO Sky