Supercars – All the Action and the Inside Running on Sky Sport
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As you know Sky Sport has been going hard out to ensure there is plenty of fantastic content - to feed the need for our customers. 
Sky has long had a relationship with Supercars, and we’re delighted to bring fans some heart-stopping stuff and a look inside the Supercars machine.

The Supercars All Stars Eseries will kick off 8 April, 9.30pm on Sky Sport 5 for a massive 10 weeks – it’s a virtual racing series featuring all of the Supercars drivers, and we just can’t wait. It’s a whole new dimension in racing and will delight fans, who can get inside the heads of their favourite drivers.

(For more details on the eSeries see below)

On the topic of getting inside their heads – we are super happy to bring you Inside Line - A Season with Erebus Motorsport. This incredible 8-part series delves in to the dramatic and action-packed world of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, featuring one of the most colourful teams in pitlane. Available on Sky Sport 5 and Sky Sport Now, Wednesday and Friday starting 1 April, 8.30pm. 

The series follows larger than life owner Betty Klimenko and her team through the 2019 season with a fly on the wall look at what it takes to compete in the intense world of Supercars, covering the dynamics of a motorsport team - getting to know their personal lives, the explosive track action and the team’s full-blown rivalries. With unprecedented access to the inner sanctums of the team and drivers, both on and off the track, this compelling series is a must watch for any.

Supercars All-Stars Eseries – the intel

Drivers will log-in from home using the internationally renowned iRacing platform. They will use current Holden ZB Commodore and Ford Mustang Supercars available with liveries of their own choosing.

Supercars CEO Sean Seamer says, “This is about entertaining content. While we expect a strong and robust competition, ultimately this is designed to keep Supercars fans entertained during the period when we can’t race on the track. 

“Fans watching from home will be able to hear the drivers during races, while a number of webcams will be set-up for broadcast as well.

“We expect to run a variety of different race formats across the Series to ensure this stays fresh and entertaining. Expect traditional two-race formats in earlier rounds, however all variety of formats including enduros, mystery rounds, night races and reverse grid races are all expected. 

“We are still finalising the entire list of tracks we will race on and can confirm Round 1 will be Phillip Island and Monza.”

Drivers will compete for points in each race and a Champion will be crowned at the conclusion of the Series.
Seven-time Supercars Champion Jamie Whincup says he’s looking forward to taking part in his first ever competitive sim-racing series.

“We always want to put on a good show, so it’s great for the sport and the fans knowing we can still race while the season is on hold.

“I usually back myself, but the young blokes have the advantage here. My money’s on my teammate, SVG, to be up the front. I know he races against a few of the guys down Pit Lane, even some of the Formula 1 drivers, so hopefully he’ll be representing the Red Bull Holden Racing Team on the podium.

“It will be a learning curve for me as I haven’t used a sim in a very long time and don’t use it as part of my training, but I’m looking forward to a new challenge and, most of all, I’m rapt that we can still provide some entertainment when everyone needs it most.
“I’m looking forward to having some fun with the Supercars All Stars Eseries and giving the fans something to cheer for until we can hit the track again.

Reigning Supercars 2019 Champion, Scott McLaughlin said the Eseries offered a great opportunity for drivers to maintain their focus during the break from the track.

"I'm a big fan of online racing, and you can often find me in my Simworx simulator keeping my eye in between races," said McLaughlin.

"With this unprecedented situation meaning we can't race our real cars, I think this is as good a substitute as possible.
"How cool is it that we can do this? We're pretty much the only sport that can still compete in the online space.

"This has the potential to introduce a whole new legion of fans to our sport. I'm really excited about this and am looking forward to racing my Shell V-Power Racing Team Ford Mustang in the Supercars All Stars Eseries."

The Eseries, which will be live streamed across Supercars’ digital channels, will run prior to the third installment of the Supercars Eseries competition using sim-racing experts, which will begin later this year.

More on Inside Line 

Following their pursuit for glory, viewers strap into the passenger seat alongside star driver and Bathurst winner David Reynolds and his young gun teammate Anton De Pasquale, for all the highs and lows that come with being a professional racing car driver, and the underlying passion that fuels them in one of the world’s fastest sports.

Erebus Motorsport Team Owner, Betty Klimenko, said, “I was all for doing this. In the beginning it was a little daunting, but once you got used to a crew, they were really good about it and it just became part of every weekend. I forgot about them half the time. I’d go to the bathroom and leave my mic on by mistake! 

“I think people will love it because they’re going right behind the scenes. Not just right into the garage but de-briefs, the personal lives of the people who make up Erebus. They’re going to see what makes us tick. Every team is different, and this is how we do it.” 

Supercars CEO, Sean Seamer, said “Our new annual docuseries Inside Line provides an excellent insight into the world of Supercars and all the dynamics of a motorsport team - getting to know their personal lives, the explosive track action and the team’s full-blown rivalries. With unprecedented access to the inner sanctums of the team and drivers, both on and off the track, this compelling series is a must watch for any sports fan and showcases what is at the very heartbeat of our championship.”