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Act & Punishment: The Pussy Riot Trials



Act & Punishment: The Pussy Riot Trials


Thursday 16 May 8.30pm Channel 039

Young actionist artists Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samutsevich decide to separate from the well-known actionist group Voina citing the pressure of male participants of the group as the reason. They decide to create their own group that would express their ideas of female independence and liberty. And Pussy Riot is born, combining actionism, feminism, media activism and punk rock. The film follows the Russian all-girl punk rock band, the real 'jail-bait' band - who stood up to government human rights oppression in the country and paid the ultimate price with their incarceration in 2011. Following their release from prison in 2012, their story is told in this stunning documentary film that covers their evolution from mere political activists through their formation of a punk rock band destined to bring their message of revolution to the masses and beyond.