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At Eternity's Gate



At Eternity's Gate


Saturday 31 August 8.30pm Channel 039

At Eternity's Gate is a biographical drama about the latter years of painter Vincent van Gogh's life leading up to his death. Very much Julian Schnabel’s interpretation of the artist’s final years, the film is a journey inside the world and mind of a man who, despite skepticism, ridicule and illness, created some of the world’s most beloved and stunning works of art. This is not a forensic biography, but rather scenes based on van Gogh’s  letters, common agreement about events in his life (that present as fact or hearsay), and moments that are just plain invented. Starring Willem Dafoe (nominated for an Academy Award), Rupert Friend & Oscar Isaac. Directed by Julian Schnabel (Basquiat and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly). Nominated for the Golden Lion for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival 2018.