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Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable



Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable


Thursday 6 February 8.30pm Channel 039

Described as a ‘poet’, an ‘athlete’, or a ‘philosopher’ of photography, Garry Winogrand captured the serendipity of the streets to capture the American 1960s and 70s. His Leica M4 snapped spontaneous images of everyday people from the Mad Men era of New York to the early years of the Women’s Movement and post-Golden Age Hollywood, all the while observing themes of cultural upheaval, political disillusionment, intimacy and alienation. Once derided by the critics, Winogrand’s ‘snapshot aesthetic’ is now the universal language of contemporary image making. In the tradition of Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson, Winogrand’s candid, psychological style magically transports us to a bygone era.