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Monday 21 October 8.30pm Channel 039

Jessica, an ambitious cello student, moves into a new flat, with her boyfriend Lorenz. When she receives the honourable invitation to represent Germany in an international contest for classical music, it is a dream come true for her – but at the same time an enormous pressure. At home, Jessica starts preparing meticulously for the contest. However, her own four walls don't appear to contain her fears as Jessica finds herself increasingly exposed to small and major paranoia. What is the neighbour's involvement, who mysteriously pries behind half-closed curtains?  Of course Lorenz notices nothing but the increasing pressure and stress begin to noticeably gnaw on Jessica's everyday life and pretty soon reality and imagination blur. In a desperate attempt to restore normality, she starts to defend her home…at all costs! Starring Esther Maria Pietsch & Matthias Lier.