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I, Dolours



I, Dolours


Thursday 28 March 8.30pm Channel 039

A cinematic yet intimate and complex portrait of Dolours Price, militant IRA activist, hunger striker and dissident Republican who two years before she died gave a filmed interview on condition that it would not be broadcast in her lifetime. Now for the first time her story can be told in full and entirely in her own words.  A hypnotic, troubling study of a key agent during the Irish/UK troubles. In charting Price’s journey from civil rights activist to convicted bomber to peace process sceptic, it offers an efficient history of the entire conflict. Decades later, she speaks sourly – employing sarcasm as only a Belfast woman can – of Gerry Adams’s time in the IRA and Sinn Féin’s subsequent shift towards compromise. Even when admitting to events, she peppers her regrets with redoubled anger.