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The Silence of Others



The Silence of Others


THURSDAY JUNE 18 8.30pm Channel 039

Unbeknown to much of the world, in Spain today, torture victims live just blocks away from their notorious police torturers who walk free every day.  Families desperate to recover their loved ones’ bodies from thousands of mass graves across Spain are blocked by their own government from doing so.  The Silence Of Others reveals the struggle of victims of such crimes committed under General Franco’s 40-year dictatorship in Spain, with the perpatrators enjoying impunity for decades due to a 1977 amnesty law.  Now, hundreds of victims and their descendants are fighting back to seek justice.  Over 6 years, award-winning filmmakers follow the movement to break Spain’s “pact of silence” to form an international lawsuit.  With the global rise of authoritarian regimes and ultra-right parties, The Silence Of Others offers a cautionary tale about fascism’s long arm and the dangers of forgetting the past.