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Unmasking Jihadi John



Unmasking Jihadi John


THURSDAY JUNE 4 8.30pm Channel 039

In 1995, Mohammed Emwazi was a grade school student in London with a promising future ahead of him. By 2014, he had become known as “Jihadi John,” a masked ISIS terrorist in Syria who internationalised his notoriety by broadcasting his beheadings of Western hostages on the internet. Unmasking Jihadi John examines what propelled Emwazi’s journey down a violent path despite U.S. and British authorities being aware of his extremism. It also highlights the self-declared operational failures by counter-terrorism officials as Emwazi became ISIS’s chief executioner and propagandist.  Emwazi’s brutality is illustrated through harrowing, first-hand accounts from his surviving hostages, and the collaboration between the world’s leading intelligence agencies, including the CIA and Britain who ultimately tracked him down and ended his life. From Oscar-nominated, BAFTA and Emmy-winning director Anthony Wonke.