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Kiki Love To Love



Kiki Love To Love


Monday 11 February 8.30pm Channel 039

In five intertwined mini-romcoms, a scorching summer heatwave intensifies the very particular sexual desires of a collection of Madrid lovers. Paco and Ana, for example, work on reigniting their passion by visiting bondage parties and ‘furry’ nightclubs – finding themselves igniting unexpected passions in others. Natalia, meanwhile, discovers after getting mugged, that she has a case of harpaxophilia, helpfully explained on-screen as “sexual arousal brought on by being violently robbed,” while José learns he has somnophilia, “sexual pleasure caused by watching someone sleep.”  A major hit at the Spanish box office and a remake of the Australian sex comedy, The Little DeathStarring  Paco Léon, Ana Katz & Natalia de Molina.