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Peter Peryer: The Art Of Seeing



Peter Peryer: The Art Of Seeing


Thursday 27 February 8.30pm Channel 039

Kiwi documentarian and producer, Shirley Horrocks, surveys the life and career of one of New Zealand’s most important photographers, Peter Peryer. What begins as a gentle, engaging look at the artist’s life becomes a photography masterclass in style and technique covering his broad career, which he dedicated to seeing and making works of art out of the everyday.  The access to Peryer at his home in Taranaki before his death in November 2018 make this the most definitive documentary that will ever be produced on the artist. Clips from a 1994 TV doco add further depth to the richly told stories, but it’s Horrocks’ one-on-one time with Peryer, amongst his vibrant gallery of work, that beautifully frames the man and the artist.