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Shot Caller



Shot Caller


Saturday 2 February 8.30pm Channel 039

Shot Caller follows the harrowing story of businessman Jacob Harlon who is transformed into a hardened, ruthless prison gangster after a minor DUI lands him in jail. Nicknamed ‘Money’, he navigates the brutality of his new surrounding, adapting to its violent codes of ethics and rites of passage that will ensure his survival. He slowly loses his previous identity and his relationship to his former life, including his wife and son. But the grip of the prison gang extends beyond the prison walls… Upon his release, chased by the police, threatened by his “protectors”, he must orchestrate one last dangerous crime. The ruthless process of fulfilling his obligations also becomes his path to sacrifice and retribution. Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) & Omari Hardwick.