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Skate Kitchen



Skate Kitchen

Saturday 25 May 8.30pm Channel 039

Camille, a shy and lonely teenage skateboarder befriends an all-girl New York City-based crew called Skate Kitchen. For the first time she feels accepted by the in-crowd, however learns the complexity of friendship when she has a falling-out with her mother and befriends a boy from a rival group of skaters. Starring Kabrina Adams, Emmanuel Barco & Jayden Smith.  From the director of the award-winning 'The Wolfpack'.
“Skate Kitchen comes most fully to life when it’s in motion, and these young women are mesmerizing to watch as they carve up the concrete. The film saves its most quietly moving sequence for last, following our heroines as they fly heedlessly through Manhattan traffic at twilight – just a bunch of girls enjoying that one thing that skating so readily provides, and that American culture is so rarely willing to allow them: freedom.” - Variety.