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Slender Man: The Untold Story



Slender Man: The Untold Story


Thursday 17 October 8.30pm Channel 039

Black suit. Blank face. Long, slender arms. Since 2009, “The Slender Man” has slowly inched his way into  internet folklore. The terrifyingly tall supernatural character first originated as an internet meme who scared, abducted and traumatised children, But in 2014, he became horrifyingly real. On May 31 2014, the morning after a sleepover party, three 12 year old girls, Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier and Payton Leutner headed to the local park to play.  Or so Payton thought…Morgan and Anissa had no intention of playing – instead they stabbed their friend 19 times with a kitchen knife…Miraculously she survived.  Morgan and Annisa claimed the Slender Man made them do it… This shocking documentary delves deeper into the case, from the day of the arrests to the sentencing of both girls and questions whether children should be tried as adults.