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Stag: The Stag Party From Hell



Stag: The Stag Party From Hell


Sunday 12 January 8.30pm Channel 039

A group of friends set off to the Scottish Highlands on a hunting trip to celebrate “Johnners” stag party.  Ian, the bride's brother, is a last minute addition, promising his sister that he will look after her fiancé.  Being less of an alpha male than the others, he is immediately singled out for ridicule.  After insulting the gamekeeper, who has been hired to take them hunting in the woods, the old man abandons the group, leaving them to fend for themselves. Later that night, after setting up camp, a mysterious figure begins killing them off one by one. The group soon find themselves running for their lives, all the while speculating who the killer could be… Starring Stephen Campbell Moore & JJ Field.