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The Cleaners



The Cleaners


Wednesday 4 September 8.30pm Channel 039

Ever wondered who polices Facebook? This topical, rattling documentary is essential and illuminating viewing. The Cleaners introduces us to 5 content moderators, all based in the Philippines, whose services are contracted to social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google. Every day, these ‘cleaners’ scan through thousands of images and videos that have been flagged as ‘objectionable’. There’s an obvious personal toll to sweeping our feeds for sinister material. As the subjects present us with their harrowing testimony, it quickly becomes clear how psychologically ill-equipped anyone would be for the violence and pornography they wade through daily. The Cleaners packs a devastating punch… It covers what the directors clearly see as a real-time global catastrophe – a situation where tech companies are so eager to grow, expand, and monetise that they fail to recognise the ways their platforms are inciting hate, discord, and violence… Nominated for The Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema – Documentary at Sundance Film Festival 2018.