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The Misandrists



The Misandrists


Friday 21 December 8.30pm Channel 039

The Misandrists begins with Volker, a young man with an injured leg, stumbling through the forest, pursued by the police and their tracking dogs. When he emerges from the woods, he sees two young women, Isolde and Hilde, frolicking in a field. When the beautiful young Isolde realises the young man is in trouble with the law, she convinces Hilde to help her hide him in the basement of their house, which happens to be a school for wayward girls. Isolde forces Hilde to agree to keep the young man's presence in the basement hidden from the rest of the household, especially from Big Mother, who runs the school. Isolde secretly nurses Volker back to health, but does not let him know that the school for girls is also a front for a quasi-terrorist organization called the FLA - the Female Liberation. Starring Susanne Sachbe, Viva Ruiz and Til Schindler.