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Life Needs More Sport



Life Needs More Sport


Here at SKY we’ve always been committed to being the home of sport. The place where New Zealanders can find the sports coverage that features the players and teams they love.

As part of this we’re now making it easier for you to find and enjoy more of the excitement with our all-new SKY Sport line-up. Whether you’re a rugby fanatic or a football lover, you’ll find the home of all your favourite action among our new 12 SKY Sport channels, replacing what was SKY Sport 1-4.

The new package starts with four sport-specific channels that deliver you extensive coverage. Rugby, Cricket, Golf and Football, all have dedicated channels with live coverage and loads more like grassroots documentaries, classic replays and in-depth features.

On top of this there’ll also be five channels that strongly feature Netball, Rugby League, Motorsport, and the best of the rest.

Find out more about it here.