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LIVE on SKY Sport

9-25 February


While it’s togs and jandals in New Zealand’s February, it’s going to be thermals and snow boots in PyeongChang, South Korea. From 9-25 February 2018, the New Zealand Olympic team will join over 2,900 athletes from around the world in PyeongChang, South Korea to compete in seven sports, 15 disciplines and 102 events. As the Official Broadcasters, SKY and Prime are once again proud to present multiple channels of LIVE coverage on SKY Sport and exclusive FTA coverage on Prime to New Zealand viewers.


The XXIII Olympic Winter Games will be held in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province, the republic of Korea. The Olympic Winter Games will be held in Korea for the first time in 30 years after the Seoul Olympic games in 1988. PyeongChang will be the stage for the opening and closing ceremonies and most snow sports. Alpine speed events will take place in Jeongseon, and all ice sports will be competed in the coastal city of Gangneung.


Comprehensive LIVE coverage of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 will feature on seven SKY Sport channels, including six designated pop-up channels from midnight February 9 (Opening Ceremony) until the Closing Ceremony on February 25. SKY Sport will feature LIVE coverage, along with replays, highlights and commentary on the following channels:

• Olympics Mosaic (Channel 50)*
• SKY Sport 4 (Channel 54)
• SKY Sport Olympic Pop-up1 (Channel 55)
• SKY Sport Olympic Pop-up2 (Channel 56)
• SKY Sport Olympic Pop-up3 (Channel 57)
• SKY Sport Olympic Pop-up4 (Channel 58)
• SKY Sport Olympic Pop-up5 (Channel 259) – LIVE + Olympic Channel News and medal table
• SKY Sport Olympic Pop-up6 (Channel 260) – LIVE + medal table

Don't miss a moment of action with our daily PyeongChang 2018 guide below:
Pre-Games Day 1 Day 8
Opening Day - Opening Ceremony Day 9 - Kiwis in Action*
Day 1 - Kiwis in Action* Day 10 - Kiwis in Action*
Day 2 - Kiwis in Action* Day 11 - Kiwis in Action*
Day 3 - Kiwis in Action* Day 12 - Kiwis in Action*
Day 4 - Kiwis in Action* Day 13 - Kiwis in Action*
Day 5 - Kiwis in Action* Day 14 - Kiwis in Action*
Day 6 - Kiwis in Action* Day 15 - Kiwis in Action*
Day 7 - Kiwis in Action* Day 16 - Closing Ceremony

*Possible Kiwi competitors in action on this day

Please note, times are subject to change. Please refer to the EPG, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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