Youth Employment Partners

Sky is proud to be a Youth Employer Pledge Partner. Currently 1 in 5 young Aucklanders between the ages of 16 and 24 are without employment, education or training. Auckland Council’s Youth Employment Pledge aligns with businesses to help get Auckland’s young talent into work and career pathways.

At Sky, we’re all about supporting young people breaking into the TV industry and encouraging their talents and what they can bring into the workforce. In our industry, where technology, content and customer experience are key, we rely on innovation from all levels especially from our younger Sky crew who are so tech-savvy, fast to learn and quickly able to identify consumer trends.

Sky already attracts lots of young employees and this pledge gives us the opportunity to reaffirm and celebrate our commitment. Initiatives like internships, tours, special events (i.e. Olympics) and our relationships with tertiary institutions (AUT, University of Auckland, and South Seas Film & Television School), are some of the ways we support young people getting into the workforce. In signing this pledge, and re-committing every year, we want to continue supporting our youth-oriented initiatives and also support a culture of diversity here at Sky.