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Art Your TV

Welcome to art your tv

Your TV is your window to the world, but when it’s off, it’s a simple black box in your living room. Our ART YOUR TV pop-up channel transforms this blank space into a thing of beauty. From 15 - 23 February, the pop-up gallery, found on channel 220, is showcasing work from emerging artists through to some of the biggest names in New Zealand art. All of the art featured on the channel can be found below. If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork, simply click on the image. 


15 February - Collection curated by Gow Langsford

16 February - Collection curated by LOT23

17 February - Collection curated by Mossgreen-Webbs

18 February - Collection curated by Mossgreen-Webbs

19 February – Art from around New Zealand

20 February – Art from around New Zealand

21 February – Art from around New Zealand

22 February - Collection curated by endemicworld