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Atlantic: A Year in the Wild

Sundays from 8 September at 7.30pm

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BBC Earth

Channel 074

BBC Earth will take you on a thrilling journey of discovery of our amazing universe; from the wonders of the natural world, human stories, travel and science.

Whether you’re interested in nature, science or are just fascinated by the world around us, there is something for everyone on BBC Earth

Atlantic: A Year in the Wild

Sundays from 8 September at 7.30pm Channel 074

The Atlantic Ocean is vast, wild and unforgiving. Stretching from the Antartic in the south, to the Arctic in the north, the Americas in the west to Africa and Europe in the east, it covers 20% of the earth’s surface. Its irresistible power shapes lands with its unstoppable force. To survive in and around the world’s ocean takes tenacity and strength.

The Truth About Getting Fit

Friday 28 September at 8.30pm Channel 074

What’s the least amount of exercise you can
do and still live a long, healthy life? Using breakthrough research, this surprising film shows you how to get fit in the smartest possible way.

My Sheepdog and Me

Thursday 8.30pm August 22 Channel 074

Kate Humble is an English television presenter for the BBC, specialising in wildlife and science programes. In My Sheepdog and Me, Kate sets out to learn more about the rare Welsh Sheepdog breed as cross breeding and fashion trends have caused traditional herding dogs in the UK to either decline or become extinct.

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Atlantic: A Year in the Wild
The Truth About Getting Fit
My Sheepdog and Me
Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me
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