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BBC Knowledge

Wild Alaska

Saturdays at 8.30pm from 25 November

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BBC Knowledge

Channel 074

Through a breath-taking mix of science, technology, history, natural history and adventure programming, BBC Knowledge takes viewers on a fascinating journey of shared discovery and wonder.
We spark amazing conversations that explore big ideas and open minds to amazing new perspectives.

Wild Thailand

Saturdays at 8.30pm from 4 November Channel 074

Wild Thailand goes beyond the country’s beautiful beaches to reveal a sacred kingdom of awe-inspiring beauty, packed with wildlife and full of natural wonder.

Wild Alaska

Saturdays at 8.30pm from 25 November Channel 074

Part of the most modern nation on Earth, Alaska is a unique wilderness marked by extremes. This series offers a beautiful insight into life in this untamed land.

Wild Japan

Saturdays from September 23 at 8.30pm Channel 074

In this series explore Japan’s wild side, and find out how life – human and animal – has adapted to live alongside the huge forces of nature the region faces – from volcanoes and earthquakes to bleak, savage winters and sultry, typhoon summers.

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Wild Thailand
Wild Alaska
Wild Japan
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