Sky Broadband Trial Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Sky Broadband & Home Phone Trial (the Trial).  Please read these T&C’s carefully as they apply to your participation in the Trial once you are accepted into the Trial.

In these T&C’s:

  1. Definitions: 
    • we, us or our means Sky Network Television Limited and you or your means the person who is participating in the Trial under these T&C’s.
    • Equipment means the Sky Router, Sky Booster and cabling we may provide you as part of the Trial. 
    • Trial Period means the period of time during which you are participating in the Trial.
    • Trial Services means the broadband and home phone (fixed landline) services you are receiving from us under the Trial.
  2. Acceptance into the Trial: 
    • In order to use the Trial Services you must have been accepted into the Trial by us. 
    • You are not eligible for the Trial if:
      • you are sharing a household with someone who works for a competing broadband provider;
      • you have a monitored or medical alarm; or
      • you require a non-standard broadband installation.
  3. Access: 
    • Only you, your household, and your household guests can use the Trial Services at your home.  You can’t share the Trial Services with anyone located outside of your home.
    • If the Trial Services are similar to broadband and home phone services that you already receive at your home you will need to terminate those other services to participate in the Trial. We are not liable for any cancellation fees you may incur. 
    • We may not be able to offer you home phone services when you join the Trial and if this is the case your landline and associated number will be disconnected when we start providing you the Trial Services.  
  4. Charges: 
    • We won’t charge you to set up or use the Trial Services during the Trial Period although standard message rates apply when sending text messages to the short code service.  Please do not reply to any text you receive from us unless we ask you to.  
    • We will contact you at least 20 working days before the end of your Trial Period to let you know how much it will cost for you to continue to receive Sky Broadband as a paying customer after the end of your Trial Period.
    • If you are a Sky employee we will let you know about our employee offer before the end of your Trial Period.
    • If you choose not to pay for Sky Broadband from the end of your Trial Period, your access to Sky Broadband will come to an end.  You must return our Equipment to us and if you don’t do so, we may charge you a fee of $80.
  5. Duration and Suspension/Termination:
    • Your Trial Period will start when you access the Trial Services and will continue for at least six months unless we have to end the Trial earlier for operational or technical reasons.
    • We will give you as much notice as we reasonably can if we decide to bring the Trial to an end before the expiry of your Trial Period.
    • You understand and agree that we may modify, restrict, suspend or temporarily cease the Trial Services and/or Equipment at any time in order to test the operation of the Trial Services or Equipment or to carry out maintenance, technical repair, enhancement or emergency work.  We will give you as much notice as we reasonably can.
    • If you no longer wish to participate in the Trial you can email us at giving us 3 working days’ notice. 
    • We may stop your participation in the Trial Services immediately if we believe you are in breach of these T&C’s.
    • We will not be liable to you if we terminate the Trial Services in accordance with these T&C’s.
  6. Feedback:  
    • We will contact you by phone, email and/or SMS from time to time for your feedback, including the completion of regular surveys, on the use of the Trial Services.  Providing us with this feedback and completing the surveys is a condition of your participation in the Trial and will help us test and improve the Trial Services. We may terminate your participation in the Trial immediately if you fail to complete the surveys.  
    • We will also collect network usage and performance data relating to your use of the Trial Service. 
  7. Our Equipment:  
    • We may supply you with Equipment for use with the Trial Services.  The Equipment will remain our property throughout the Trial and can only be used at your primary residential premises, not at a friends’ place or a holiday home, for example.   
    • You are responsible for the acts and omissions of your household and any household guests you allow to access and use the Equipment and Trial Services during the Trial. 
    • If you plan to move home during the Trial, you must contact us at least one month prior to the move at The Trial Services may be discontinued for a period of time and reinstated to the new address if necessary. You understand that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reconnect you at your new address.
    • We may want to replace or change the Equipment at any time, and you agree to help us by returning the Equipment to us if we ask you to.
  8. Your equipment:
    • We may give you the option to use your own router and cabling (your equipment) with the Trial Services instead of our Equipment. 
    • We will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to your equipment as a result of your use of it with the Trial Services.
    • You will need to provide your own home phone equipment if you choose to add the home phone services to the Trial.
  9. Performance
    • You understand that the purpose of the Trial is to help us test the build, development and operation of the Trial Services and Equipment and that we make no warranty regarding the performance or quality of the Trial Services or the Equipment or how these might operate with your equipment.   
    • You understand and agree that the Trial Services and Equipment may not be available or fully operational at all times and that the quality, quantity and availability of the Trial Services and Equipment may be inconsistent and intermittent which may have an impact on other Sky services you receive from us.
  10. Changes
    • We may make changes to the Trial Services and these T&C’s from time to time.  We will give you as much notice as we reasonably can if these changes are likely to have a material impact on you.
  11. Confidentiality:
    • You agree that information relating to the Trial, the Trial Services and the Equipment is confidential to us and you will not use that information for any purpose other than for the Trial, or disclose or publicly comment on or make available to a third party any such information, including, without limitation, on blogs or social media sites, without our permission.  The results of the Trial are confidential to us and you accept that you will have no right to those results. 
  12. Privacy and Fair Use Policy
    • You acknowledge that the terms of the Sky Privacy Policy - will apply to your participation in the Trial.
    • Any personal information you share with us for the purposes of the Trial will be treated in accordance with the Sky Privacy Policy.
    • You agree to use the Trial Services in accordance with our Fair Use Policy set out below.

Fair Use Policy

  • Our Fair Use Policy reflects average customer profiles and estimated customer usage of our services. From time to time, we may monitor usage patterns. If your usage of our Trial Services (a) materially exceeds estimated use patterns over any week or month, (b) is inconsistent with normal usage patterns and/or the types of uses and purposes for which we communicate that the services are to be used for, and/or (c) includes activities such as auto-dialling, continuously call (or text)-forwarding, bulk texting by machines, automated texting, tele-marketing, call centres, and use of cellular trunking units (CTUs), then your usage will be considered excessive and/or unreasonable and we may contact you to advise you that your usage is in breach of our Fair Use Policy and we may request that you stop or alter your usage. If your excessive or unreasonable usage continues we may terminate or suspend your participation in the Trial.