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Country TV

Country TV

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Country TV

Channel 081

Country TV is the only television channel dedicated to providing interesting and relevant information and entertainment to New Zealand farmers as well as the rural & equestrian communities.

Country TV is home to a rich selection of the very best agricultural, rural sporting, country music, horse & lifestyle programmes both from here in New Zealand & abroad. Country TV has it’s own rural News and Weather show called “The Daily Report” hosted by Mark Leishman that provides the only comprehensive rural news and weather service available.

Country TV may be tax deductible for farmers and those working in agribusiness sectors, discuss with your accountant to find out more.

Fishy Business

Season 1 premieres Wed, 6 Feb at 8.30pm Channel 081

Sit back and relax as Adam takes you on a Kiwi fishing expedition.

Get Your Fish on

Season 2 premieres Wed, 6 Feb at 10pm Channel 081

Get Your Fish On is an entertaining way to soak up the language, learn new kupu about fishing and see some of the countries biggest fishing fanatics go head to head on the moana!

Te Araroa: Tails of the Trails

Season 2 premieres Wed, 6 Feb at 9pm Channel 081

Te Araroa is a series that follows well-known television personality, Pio Terei, along his journey through the diverse and rich landscapes of Aotearoa.

Saving the Mustang

Premieres Mon, 11 Feb at 8.30pm Channel 081

Wild mustangs have long been an icon of native peoples and early settlers of North America. Yet their fate today is uncertain. Traded, stolen and wild for 400 years, an estimated 2-3 million roamed North America in 1890 until they became almost extinct. The US Government has attempted to control the number of Wild Mustangs populated and in their view over grazed on vast tracks of public land. Over 41 thousand are now held in captivity. Saving The Mustang explores the state of wild horses today through the efforts of three individuals.

Reel West Coast

Premieres Sun, 10 Feb at 8.30pm Channel 081

Hosted by former NHL player Brendan Morrison, “Reel West Coast” is an outdoor travel and fishing show focused on adventure, conservation, culture and the West Coast lifestyle. We highlight fishing lodges, guides, wildlife and local culture. The journey and adventure around fishing is front and center in all our stories and episodes as we travel to some of the most beautiful locations in North America.

The Angus Report

Premieres Fri, 15 Feb at 10pm Channel 081

Geared specifically for the beef cattle industry, and focused on the news and information affecting every sector of the cattle industry.

Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet

Premieres Mon, 4 Feb at 8pm Channel 081

Dr. Keri Hudson Reykdal isn’t your typical country vet. Set against the breathtaking landscape of the Canadian prairies, Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet is a new ten-part documentary series which follows Dr. Keri as she travels the rural roads of northern Manitoba in her high-tech mobile clinic, on call 24/7 to care for animals big and small.

BBQ Crawl

Premieres Mon, 4 Feb at 9.30pm Channel 081

BBQ Crawl is a mouth-watering road trip that follows a world champion BBQ competitor as she eats and competes her way through the American south. Danielle Dimovski (a.k.a. DIVA-Q) travels from Texas all the way to Missouri, experiencing the world’s best BBQ and trying to win a few BBQ titles along the way.

What’s In Your Shed

Premieres Wed, 6 Feb at 8pm Channel 081

Whether it’s vintage tractors, restored 1950s trucks and cars, rusty ploughing machines, decades old saddlery, or your grandmother’s first washing machine, Country TV brings you some fascinating stories in the NZ series premiere of “What’s In Your Shed”. There’s a story behind every shed, and we visit farmers and contractors all over the country to discover what farm machinery and other treasures are in their sheds.

The Bluegrass Trail

Saturdays at 9pm Channel 081

The Bluegrass Trail showcases stellar American musical craftsmanship. Time honored songs, performed by some of the greatest Bluegrass artists in the USA, presented for the very first time. It’s a celebration of this nation’s musical roots, right here on our Nashville stage. Each 30-minute episode features performances by host Alan Sibley and the Magnolia Ramblers, as well as guest performances from some of the most acclaimed performing artists in bluegrass music today.

Rural Delivery

Wednesdays at 7.30pm Channel 081

Rural Delivery is showcasing the latest innovations and technology in the rural sector. The show provides news and information for farmers, while city slickers can learn about the people, businesses and developments taking place across the country - Proudly brought to you by Alltech!

Ah PhD

Fridays at 9.30pm Channel 081

Ag PhD is a half-hour show, packed with tips on how to grow your crops. You’ll learn how to pick the right herbicides for your farm, to better fertilize your crops, and to stop those yield-robbing insects and diseases.

California Bountiful

Mondays at 7.30pm Channel 081

California Bountiful educates and entertains viewers about the family farmers and ranchers who grow the foods you love to eat. We introduce you to California's rural communities by putting a face and voice to the people behind the commodities you enjoy. Stories cover the gamut of how food gets to your table, from farm to fork. In addition, there are cooking segments with expertise from some of California's most talented chefs as well as produce and gardening segments educating viewers on everything from picking the best cherry to planting their own home garden.

Equidays 2018

Episode 1 premieres Tue, 25 Dec at 9.30pm… Channel 081

Equidays is acknowledged as a world-class equine event, bringing industry, education and competition to NZ. Country TV will air 5 workshops of the event.

Point of View

Fridays at 7.30pm Channel 081

Presented by Mark Leishman, Point of View gets straight to the real issues affecting the rural sector, featuring guests that discuss and provide inside information for farmers and growers each week.

FEI World Cup Dressage 2018/19

Premieres Tuesday, 30 October at 9.30pm Channel 081

The FEI World Cup™ Dressage 2018/19 is the only worldwide annual series in this truly unique discipline. Judged on both technical and artistic merit, the sport aesthetically combines the pure magic of art, music, and the partnership between horse and rider at the highest level and consistently proves a winning formula with fascinated audiences all over the world.

FEI World Cup Jumping 2018/19

Premieres Tuesday, 23 October at 9.30pm Channel 081

The world’s best athletes will compete in the 13 qualifying legs of the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping 2017/18 series to gain precious points for the series Final in Sweden.

FEI World Cup Jumping 2018/19 – North America

Premieres Tuesday, 9 Oct at 9.30pm Channel 081

We will bring you eight legs of the FEI World Cup Jumping North American League 2018/19.

The Daily Report

Weeknights 7pm Channel 081

Country TV prides itself on providing the most relevant up-to-date information for agribusiness and the rural sector. The Daily Report remains the flagship show in the Country TV line-up of local programming and is a rural specific news and weather show that includes financial updates and stockyard reports. Presented by veteran broadcaster Mark Leishman and weather analyst Philip Duncan, The Daily Report continues to deliver all the key information pertinent to agribusiness. Weeknights at 7:00pm


Fridays 8.00pm Channel 081

Australia’s number one agricultural television programme returns this month. We'll keep you up to date with issues affecting rural and regional Australia, including farming, agriculture, economics, innovation, climate, infrastructure and more.

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