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Fritzl Affair

Thursday 26 April - 8.30pm

  • Crime + Investigation

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Tuesdays from 3 April - 7.30pm

  • Crime + Investigation

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Vanity Fair

Season 3

Tuesdays from 6 March - 8.30pm

  • Crime + Investigation

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Crime + Investigation

Channel 071

Crime + Investigation (CI) lifts the lid on crime by investigating the drama of real life crime; from how forensic scientists solve crimes using cutting edge technology to what makes serial killers tick and meeting the men and women who risk their lives to put criminals behind bars. Go behind-the-scenes on criminal investigations, take an in-depth look at police work on some of the world's most fascinating cases and observe how technology helps solve 'cold cases'.

On CI you will see documentaries of infamous murderers, serial killers and outlaws, explore the world of science and how it catches killers, live the life of a cop as you cruise the beat, and see how life imitates art with high profile crime dramas.

The Fritzl Affair

Thursday 26 April - 8.30pm Channel 071

Following Elisabeth Fritzl’s freedom on the 26th April 2008, the world was confronted with the horrifying reality of the nightmare she had been forced to endure for 24 years. Held captive in a cellar by her own father, just metres below the house where the rest of her family lived, she was regularly raped during her imprisonment. While the family remained oblivious to the hell she was enduring, Elisabeth bore seven of her own father’s children. But how did this torturous father manage to keep his horrific secret for so long?

Undercover High

Tuesdays from 3 April - 7.30pm Channel 071

As an expansion of the ground-breaking 60 Days In series, six adults are going undercover for a semester inside one of America’s most distressed high schools. Undercover High is an unprecedented social experiment where participants will act as both students and staff to see what's really going on before (and after) the bell rings. Their goal: blend in so they can understand what (or who) is causing the violence, drugs, teen pregnancy and serious issues facing this school.

Vanity Fair Confidential

Season 3

Tuesdays from 6 March - 8.30pm Channel 071

Each episode of “Vanity Fair Confidential” explores a mystery taken from the pages of the magazine and transformed into an hour of thrilling true crime television. Vanity Fair writers dig deep into the insidious deeds of the rich and powerful, providing its readers, and now viewers alike, with storytelling that keeps us all transfixed.


Undercover High
Vanity Fair Confidential
60 Days In: Atlanta
Hollywood 911
Killer Cops
New Detectives Club: New Orleans
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