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Closed Doors

Saturday 23 November - 9.30pm

  • Crime + Investigation

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Jonestown: Terror In The Jungle

Sundays from 10 November - 9.30pm

  • Crime + Investigation

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Scary People

Wednesdays from 9 October - 7.30pm

  • Crime + Investigation

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Crime + Investigation

Channel 071

Crime + Investigation (CI) lifts the lid on crime by investigating the drama of real life crime; from how forensic scientists solve crimes using cutting edge technology to what makes serial killers tick and meeting the men and women who risk their lives to put criminals behind bars. Go behind-the-scenes on criminal investigations, take an in-depth look at police work on some of the world's most fascinating cases and observe how technology helps solve 'cold cases'.

On CI you will see documentaries of infamous murderers, serial killers and outlaws, explore the world of science and how it catches killers, live the life of a cop as you cruise the beat, and see how life imitates art with high profile crime dramas.

Behind Closed Doors

Saturday 23 November - 9.30pm Channel 071

In this remarkable film, BAFTA award winning Director Anna Hall goes into unchartered territory, finding and talking with children who have witnessed domestic abuse.
There’s Ollie who’s 8 and saw his mum’s head being slammed in a door; there’s Zara who’s 13 who witnessed domestic abuse for the first 8 years of her life before her mum finally left her dad. Zara is confused and missed her half-sister when her parents split up – so one day she ran off with her dad without telling her mum, something she now bitterly regrets. And there’s Kirstie whose stepdad murdered her mum.
Working with charities for over two years, this film has painstakingly worked with the children and their families to explore the importance of listening to the child and never ever thinking that just because a child’s not in the room, that they don’t hear or understand what’s going on.

Jonestown: Terror In The Jungle

Sundays from 10 November - 9.30pm Channel 071

This four-part documentary tells of leader Jim Jones' transformation from charismatic preacher and civil rights advocate into narcissistic demagogue who championed the biggest mass suicide in U.S. history. The story is based on the best-selling book by investigative journalist Jeff Guinn and features archival footage, including secret FBI and CIA recordings, unreleased photographs, personal letters and previously classified documents, as well as new interviews with survivors and Jones family members who have not previously spoken on the record. With the critical hard evidence and real truths finally eked out, almost a year to the day after the crash, the truth is finally revealed.

Lifers Behind Bars

Tuesdays from 26 November - 9.30pm Channel 071

This groundbreaking documentary series shows what it’s like to serve a long-term prison sentence in Britain - from the moment of sentencing through to release. Filmed over a year with unprecedented access to jails including HMP Shotts, Scotland’s only prison exclusively for long term offenders, we meet the men convicted of murder and serving mandatory life sentences who speak candidly about their crimes, their struggles in prison and their remorse – or lack of it. Episode one follows newly-convicted killers from sentencing at court through the system as they are helped to face up to years behind bars. Episode two reveals the day-to-day reality for some of the five hundred men in HMP Shotts, who combined are serving well over four thousand years in custody. It explores how they live together and how the jail manages and contains so many violent men.


Behind Closed Doors
Jonestown: Terror In The Jungle
Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole
Debi Marshall Investigates Frozen Lies
60 Days In: Atlanta
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