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Murder Wall

Wednesdays from 8 January - 7.30pm

  • Crime + Investigation

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Fridays from 27 December - 7.30pm (double episodes)

  • Crime + Investigation

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60 Days
In: Atlanta

Season 3

Wednesdays 9.30pm

  • Crime + Investigation

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Crime + Investigation

Channel 071

Crime + Investigation (CI) lifts the lid on crime by investigating the drama of real life crime; from how forensic scientists solve crimes using cutting edge technology to what makes serial killers tick and meeting the men and women who risk their lives to put criminals behind bars. Go behind-the-scenes on criminal investigations, take an in-depth look at police work on some of the world's most fascinating cases and observe how technology helps solve 'cold cases'.

On CI you will see documentaries of infamous murderers, serial killers and outlaws, explore the world of science and how it catches killers, live the life of a cop as you cruise the beat, and see how life imitates art with high profile crime dramas.

Murder Wall

Wednesdays from 8 January - 7.30pm Channel 071

Suspenseful, engrossing and dramatic, The Murder Wall turns viewers into detectives. Right before their eyes, they see clues come together to some of the most baffling and challenging homicides ever faced by the cops.
Expect twists, turns, false leads and truly inspired detective work as we follow the extraordinary investigations taking shape on the detectives’ own Murder Wall.

Storm of Suspicion

Tuesdays from 17 December - 7.30pm Channel 071

Crime, like the weather, waits for no man. But there are also times when these two forces cross paths, creating a perfect storm of violence and chaos. This gripping true crime series examines spellbinding events where weather played a central role in solving or covering up the crime. Each episode, featuring experts and forensic meteorologists, is structured as a real-life whodunit with weather ultimately playing the pivotal role in how the crime was resolved. From blizzards to hurricanes, floods to heat waves, Storm of Suspicion proves that when it comes to solving mysterious crimes, Mother Nature can be detectives’ best friend, or their worst enemy.

Border Interceptors

Fridays from 27 December - 7.30pm (double… Channel 071

Following the work of the men and women who protect Ireland’s borders on a daily basis. From dealing with the millions people who travel through Irish airports as they visit the Emerald Isle every year to making sure everything is above board with the millions of tonnes of goods that arrive and leave Irish shores every year, from ensuring the safety of people along Ireland’s 3000 kilometres of coastline to keeping a watchful eye over the vehicles crossing back and forth along the nearly 500 kilometres of land border with the UK. Filming in multiple locations throughout Ireland we’ll capture the frontline work of the numerous agencies who protect Ireland’s borders.


Murder Wall
Border Interceptors
Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole
60 Days In: Atlanta
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