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Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar

Premieres Sunday 8 Aug, 9.30pm

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Mondays from 2 Aug, 9.35pm
Two brothers accidentally kill an old man driving home on a darkened street. They conceal their crime, but when others suspect the death wasn’t as innocent as it first appeared, the brothers’ lives start falling apart. 


Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar
Sunday 8 Aug, 9.30pm
Two exciting alternative history dramas based on crime writer Agatha Christie are back on Vibe this month: Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar (Sunday 8 Aug, 9.30pm) and Agatha and the Midnight Murders (Sunday 15 Aug, 9.30pm).


Narco Wars: The Mob
Tuesdays from 10 Aug, 9.30pm
The Mafia denies any involvement in creating the U.S. drug problem. However, evidence shows that pioneering new trafficking routes, murdering their opponents and hidding behind the code of ‘omerta’, the Mob are all over it. 


Nascar 2020: Under Pressure
Wednesdays from 11 Aug, 8.30pm
This documentary not only covers the drama and tension of teams in contention for the 2020 championship but also chronicles the unique elements of a season drastically changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Kentucky Murder Mystery: The Trials Of Anthony Gray
Saturday 8 Aug, 8.30pm
Convicted of killing his parents in 2007, Anthony Gray was sentenced to 45 years in prison. But all is not what it seems in this case as we uncover a dark tale of family drama and the possibility the real killer is still at large.


At Home With The Nolans 
Sundays from 29 Aug, 7.30pm
We join the funny, feisty singing Nolan sisters Coleen, Linda, Anne, and Maureen as they return from their cruise around the Mediterranean and face one of the toughest battles of their lives. 

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