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We Baby Bears

From 8 Jan, weekends 8am & 5pm

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The Daily Show S27
Tuesdays to Friday 11pm from 4 Jan
Talented, intuitive and funny – late night talk show Trevor Noah delivers satirical news on international and American political matters, pop culture and more.


Undercover Billionaire: Comeback City
Thursdays from 6 Jan, 9.30pm
Glenn Stearns returns to Erie, Pennsylvania, where he built his business, Underdog BBQ, in just 90 days. Now he has a new mission: rescuing small businesses on the brink of going bust during the pandemic.


Mondays from 24 Jan, 7.30pm
Big ships, big trains and big machinery is the name of the game on Machine Mondays with heavy-hitting, machine-based engineering programs like Mighty Cruise Ships, Aussie Mega Mechanics and Builds On Wheels.


Dr Pimple Popper S3
Mondays from 17 Jan, 8.30pm 
Renowned dermatologic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, is back for a third season, treating her patients' various skin ailments in an effort to help them reclaim their lives.


Gossip Girl (2007)
Available now on Sky Go
Binge all 6 seasons of the OG Gossip Girl series! In 2007, a group of privileged Manhattan prep school teens have their scandalous lives exposed by an anonymous blogger, known only as Gossip Girl, who is watching their every move.


We Baby Bears
From 8 Jan, weekends 8am & 5pm
After making a wish on a shooting star, the Baby Bears’ box now allows them to travel to far off imaginative lands and explore worlds that are new spins on classic fairytales and fun takes on genre parodies.

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