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The Gilded Age S2
Tuesday nights, 8.30pm 
From the creator of Downton Abbey. This glittering New York period drama returns for season 2, following the fierce rivalry between the 'old money' Brooks and 'new money' Russells. Stars: Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon.


Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty
All episodes available on Sky Go
The story of the LA Lakers and their rise to glory is back. In season 2 the team face power struggles and contract debates, while Magic Johnson clashes with the coach. Stars Quincy Isaiah, John C. Riley.


American Horror Story: Delicate
New episodes Saturdays, 9.30pm
Ryan Murphy's dark and twisted horror anthology series is back, this time following an actress through a gruelling IVF journey that is haunted by sinister forces. Based on Danielle Valentine's chilling novel.


Savior Complex
This action-packed drama inspired by writings from the legendary Bruce Lee, follows a young martial arts prodigy in San Francisco as he is swept up in the gang wars between Chinatown's powerful crime families. 


Fear the Walking Dead S8b
Wednesdays from 25 Oct, 8.30pm 
In the explosive second half of the final season, Madison sets her sights on transforming PADRE into the safe haven the stadium was meant to be. However, in doing so, the island attracts some unwanted attention.


Billions S7
The Final Season
The acclaimed show all about money, power and greed delivers more complex drama for season seven. With loyalties tested, alliances shifting, and the return of Bobby Axelrod. Stars: Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis.

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