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Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union

Daily episode from 4 Aug 7pm on Sky Go

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Britannia: Season 3 
Mondays from 30 Aug, 8.30pm
Aulus has fractured and shattered the druids, but his true mission: to capture and kill The Chosen One remains out of reach. Shattered by recent events and with forces gathering against her, Cait is more vulnerable than she knows.


Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union
Mondays from 9 Aug, 9.30pm
The three part docuseries explores the journey of Barack Obama from Illinois State Senator to the 44th U.S. President, against the cultural and historical moments that defined his political rise.


Wednesdays from 11 Aug, 8.30pm
Based on the novel by Roberto Saviano, this fast-paced series directed by Stefano Sollima and Janus Metz follows the buyers, sellers and brokers who drive the frenzied and lethal world of international drug trafficking.


The Day Sports Stood Still
Friday 6 Aug, 8.30pm
The story of the unprecedented sports shutdown in March 2020 and the remarkable turn of events that followed, including athletes’ prominent role in the cultural reckoning on racial injustices that escalated during the pandemic.


Tig Notaro: Drawn
Wednesday 4 Aug, 8.30pm
Comedian Tig Notaro is never one to get too animated on stage, however that's exactly what she's doing for her new show! Notaro stars in HBO's first-ever fully animated stand-up special.


Animal Kingdom S5
New episode weekly from on Sky Go only
After his mother's death, a teen, Joshua moves in with his uncles and grandmother. Joshua's life takes a threatening twist, when he learns that his new family is a mid-level crime syndicate.

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