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Discovery Turbo

Motor Month

Every night in March at 8.30pm

  • Discovery Turbo

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Discovery Turbo

Channel 075

Discovery Turbo is a unique channel dedicated to all things motored. Offering adrenaline-fuelled entertainment for those who love the thrill of speed, Discovery Turbo brings viewers along for the ride to experience the most exciting vehicles on Earth. From cars, trucks and motorbikes to planes, trains and everything in between.

Motor Month

Every night in March at 8.30pm Channel 075

Warm up those tyres and oil up your engines for a high-octane month of motor mayhem. Motor Month is back on Discovery Turbo, fuelled up with your favourite shows that deliver some of the best mind-blowing and next level customisations.

Garage Squad

Season 4

Wednesdays from 23 January at 9:25pm Channel 075

Across America, countless car aficionados have bought dishevelled dream rides with the hopes of restoring it to its former glory. However, more often than not, circumstances mean the job remains unfinished. That’s where the Garage Squad comes in, to finally get the project done. No job is too big, and this season the team tackle some iconic rebuilds, including a cherished 1950 Ford F3 that’s sat in a barn for 47 years, a 1966 Fairlane suffering after a devastating engine fire, plus more. And it’s a race against time to take a shell of a 1970 Duster and get it in shape to be the VIP at its owner’s wedding


Motor Month
Wheeler Dealers
Street Outlaws
Garage Squad
Street Outlaws: Memphis
Legendary Motorcar
Kindig Customs
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