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Dr. Chaos

Dr. Chaos' Guide to Being in Control


If you’re craving control like me, Sky makes it possible to have utter control of your TV viewing mwahahahaha.

Follow my evil genius guide to Sky’s product range so you can watch TV wherever and whenever you want. You’re in control and no one can stop you.

– mwahahahaha, Dr. Chaos 


Sky On Demand

Your Own Personal Catalogue Full Of Great Content

Sky On Demand gives you control of your viewing like never before. Simply push the box office button on your remote to access an endless array of entertainment waiting for you to watch whenever you want. On Demand is free for Sky customers on at least the Sky Starter package with a Sky box in their home. Just check your Sky Box is connected to the internet and you’re away laughing.

Get Connected


Watch Sky Online From Anywhere in NZ

Watch TV on the go! Sky Go lets you take your Sky content with you anywhere in New Zealand at no additional cost. It’s like having your Sky Box in your back pocket.

Heading down to the Bach? The Sky Go app allows you to take your Sky content with you, so you never have to worry about missing live sports events, your favourite show or movies!


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TV Guide App

The TV Guide For Your Pocket

Want to find out what’s on? Forgot to record something to your My Sky? There are loads of features available on the Sky TV Guide app that are designed to enhance your Sky experience!

The Sky TV Guide app is free to download and use! It truly is the one stop shop to see everything available on your Sky box.


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Sky Sport Highlights App

Your Ultimate Sky Sport Companion

Our dedicated highlights app is your ultimate Sky Sport companion. Catch up on the sport you may have missed, or re-live the magic moments that you just have to see again.

The Sky Sport Highlights app now includes the great action from ESPN, so you can keep on top of the very best that America has to offer.


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