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Life Of Kylie

Mondays from 7 August at 1pm, encore 9:30pm

  • E!

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Botched S3

Mondays 9:30pm


Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry S2B

Tuesdays 9:30pm


Channel 014

As Pop Culture evolves, E! will always be at the heart of it. We start the dialogue, and the fans join in to make it a spirited conversation. From breaking news on Hollywood’s hottest stars to coverage of the biggest stories and events, real fans watch E! to stay current on the latest in movies, television, music, fashion and pop culture. We’ll make sure you don’t go a minute without your pop of culture.

Life Of Kylie

Mondays from 7 August at 1pm, encore 9:30… Channel 014

At just 19, Kylie Jenner has achieved more than most do their entire life and seems to have it all: fame, fortune, romance and beauty.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Daily Channel 014

Even though things are changing for the Kardashian family in ways they never expected, they are determined to remember that family always comes first.

E! News

Express From The US

Tuesday-Sunday 7:30pm Channel 014

Join Maria Menounos, Terrence Jenkins and the team as they give you the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute reports on the day's top entertainment stories.

Botched S3

Mondays 9:30pm Channel 014

Famed plastic surgeons, Dr Terry Dubrow & Dr Paul Nassif are back to re-make more victims of plastic surgery disasters.

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry S2B

Tuesdays 9:30pm Channel 014

Tyler is a clairvoyant and medium from Hanford, a small religious and socially conservative town in Northern California.

Second Wives Club

Wednesdays 9:30pm Channel 014

The “trophy wife” label has infiltrated Hollywood headlines for years, but what’s it really like to be one?

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