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Hannibal - A March On Rome

Monday 18 February - 7.30pm

  • History

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The Last Days
of Pompeii

Thursdays from 7 February - 8.30pm

  • History

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Caesar Revealed

Monday 25 February - 7.30pm

  • History

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Channel 073

History is New Zealand's only television channel purely dedicated to history, bringing the power and passion of the past to life. It not only satisfies New Zealand's ever-growing demand for historical programming - it stimulates our curiosity to know more about our world. 
History has exclusive access to a vast library of the world's best historical and factual programming offering a high standard of quality in both production value and research - not just from every corner, but about every corner of the world.

Hannibal - A March On Rome

Monday 18 February - 7.30pm Channel 073

Which route Hannibal chose to cross the Alps is still one of the unsolved enigmas of history. Now, researchers believe they might be able to track his route. Their evidence – horse manure. Hannibal’s achievement became a legend even in his lifetime. The Carthaginian led tens of thousands of men and horses from the Iberian Peninsula across the Alps into Italy.

The Last Days of Pompeii

Thursdays from 7 February - 8.30pm Channel 073

2000 years ago, the entire Roman city of Pompeii was buried alive in a huge volcanic eruption. The Last Days of Pompeii is the three part documentary series which presents a countdown through the final days of life in Pompeii and how new archaeological digs and technologies are revealing previously unknown secrets about the people hidden beneath the ash.

Julius Caesar Revealed

Monday 25 February - 7.30pm Channel 073

Time to think again? Julius Caesar – general, dictator, politician. In life, he shaped the Roman world we know today. Mary Beard is on a mission to reveal the real Julius Caesar. Challenging everything you thought you knew about the great dictator, Mary will ask what were the key steps in his path to dictatorship and why did it all end when he was murdered by his closest friends in the most famous assassination plot in history? Was his brutal end inevitable?

This Is Greece

Sundays from 6 January - 6.30pm Channel 073

Greece – the home of sun, sand, sea and most recently Mama Mia. It’s a place to relax drinking ice-cold super strong and super sweet coffee while playing tavli (backgammon). It’s a place to indulge the senses in a history that has spanned thousands of years and upon which much of the Mediterranean world has turned, before throwing yourself into the blissful seas and onto the sandy beaches. It’s a place in which to party while downing shouts of Greek ouzo, raki, tsipouro and other local brews. It’s a place where one is forced to reflect on the cruel impact of imperial world politics and conflict, but also a place in which to delve into a rich smorgasbord of religious traditions, and marvel at the genius and ingenuity of human kind. This is my Greece: a place to talk, dance, laugh, cry and ultimately, understand what it is to be human.

101 Events That Made The 20th Century

Wednesdays from 2 January - 7.30pm Channel 073

The twentieth century was an extraordinary 100 years that saw change on an unprecedented scale, brought about by events ranging from wars and natural disasters to moments of industrial and artistic genius. Packed with archive material and interviews with a range of experts and familiar faces, each of the episodes in this new series looks at key events around a specific theme, for example law and order, and the impact they had.

The Nineties

Tuesdays from 8 January - 7.30pm Channel 073

Executive produced by multiple EMMY Award-winning producers Toms Hanks and Gary Goetzman (HBO's John Adams and The Pacific) and EMMY Award-winning producer Mark Herzog (History Channel's Gettysburg), The Nineties takes us back to the presidencies of George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, technological triumphs and terrorist tragedies, the grunge revolution and hip-hops ascendance to the mainstream, interracial conflict in Los Angeles to New York and all points in between, and the ground breaking and genre-bending new era of television that gave us a window into the decade that set the stage for the way we live today.

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