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Unexplained Files

Wednesdays from 4 September - 7.30pm

  • History

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Price Of Empire

Tuesdays from 17 September - 7.30pm

  • History

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The Cold
War Story

Saturdays from 19 October - 7.30pm.

  • History

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Channel 073

History is New Zealand's only television channel purely dedicated to history, bringing the power and passion of the past to life. It not only satisfies New Zealand's ever-growing demand for historical programming - it stimulates our curiosity to know more about our world. 
History has exclusive access to a vast library of the world's best historical and factual programming offering a high standard of quality in both production value and research - not just from every corner, but about every corner of the world.

WWII: The Price Of Empire

Tuesdays from 17 September - 7.30pm Channel 073

Often the story of WWII is told from 1 September 1939 with Germany's invasion of Poland. However, empires had been in conflict since Japan's invasion of China in 1937. The war encompassed the world in 1941 when the Japanese attacked the American airbase at Pearl Harbor, only to end with a new weapon for a new age. Interviews with eyewitnesses from all major theatres of war interlace images of events captured in the British Movietone Archive, providing living testimony to those moments in time.

Scots In China

Saturdays from 5 October - 7.30pm Channel 073

China, a Communist nation of 1.4 billion people, now has the highest number of billionaires. The country has stealthily reinvented itself, developing rapidly and is no longer shut off from the world. Many pioneers from the West have played a part in this transformation aiding the country to look outwards and open its doors. Neil Oliver meets some of these extraordinary people from all walks of life, living in and working in China today, using their experiences to unpack the mystery of Modern China. From China’s rapid development to the unravelling of its complicated politics and culture, Neil explores the ‘China of now’ as well as looking to the future to predict ‘what next’ for the country’s education and politics system.

October 1949: Parade of The Waking Giant

Wednesday 2 October - 8.30pm Channel 073

On October 1, 1949 Mao Zedong held a victory celebration parade in Tiananmen Square and announced to the world the creation of a People's Republic of China. China had awakened, and the decades since have given truth to Napoleon's prophetic words. Interestingly, very few people actually understood Mao's speech, and only one sentence has ever been translated and synched to audio - until now. October 1949 is a definitive account of how Mao orchestrated and carried out this spectacular parade, all the while facing threats of an on-going civil war. Go behind the scenes of this parade with filmmaker Peter Du Cane as he unearths rare archive footage and pieces together the remainder of this historic speech and makes it whole for the first time ever.

The Cold War Story

Saturdays from 19 October - 7.30pm. Channel 073

The world we live in today is, in many ways, characterized by the decades-long conflict between East and West.
Who were the players in the "ultimate poker game" between East and West? Who really had their fingers on the trigger, and who was just bluffing? What were the stakes? This series sets to shed new light onto the history of the Cold War, not merely as a series of events, but focusing on the multi-faceted stories behind the images we all know so well.

The UnXplained with William Shatner

Wednesdays from 2 October - 9.30pm Channel 073

From the producers of Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island comes The UnXplained, a one-hour, non-fiction series that explores the world’s most fascinating, strange, and inexplicable mysteries. Hosted and executive produced by Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor William Shatner (Star Trek, Boston Legal) each episode will feature compelling contributions from scientists, historians, witnesses, and experiencers - each seeking to shed light on how the seemingly impossible can happen. From mysterious structures (like Florida’s Coral Castle) and so-called “evil” places (like the cursed “White City” of Honduras) to strange creatures and bizarre rituals, The UnXplained will explore subjects that have mystified mankind for centuries.

The Food That Built America

Fridays from 11 October - 7.30pm Channel 073

For generations of Americans, they have literally been household names. In ways almost unimaginable, they have been the lifeblood of our survival and of our economy. But who are they? And how did they revolutionize and transform the country? They are men like Milton Hershey, Will Kellogg, Henry Heinz, and the McDonald's brothers - you don't know them, but you know their names - they are the people behind the food that built America. Behind the brand names were larger than life characters who built empires that defined far more than American eating habits. They used brains, muscle, blood, sweat, and tears to get to America's heart through its stomach, and along the way they built cities, invented new technologies, and helped win World Wars. They were ruthless, they were thieving, and they were visionaries who changed the landscape of America forever.

Ultimate Mysteries

Wednesdays from 9 October - 8.30pm Channel 073

This show explores the mysteries that have never been solved - taking a deeper look into the stories and the theories that surround them. In addition, new facts and findings will bring many of these mysteries to a new light…..and closer to finally being solved. Each themed episode will have three mysteries. The story of mystery will be told at the top of each segment, through interviews, archival footage and re-creation. Then, each story dives deep into the theories of each story. What is the truth to what really happened? Opposing theories will be presented giving the viewer options to ponder as to which one they believe.

Nefertiti: The Lonely Queen

Mondays from 16 September - 7.30pm Channel 073

NEFERTITI: THE LONELY QUEEN looks at the status of cultural treasures taken from their country of origin. Voices demanding repatriation are getting stronger - the resistance of the former Colonial powers holding on to these cultural cornerstones grows accordingly. Museum directors talk about why their institution is the rightful owner and custodian of certain objects. People demanding repatriation explain the necessity of guarding their cultural heritage in an accessible place in the home country. This is only one part of the big picture. Among other stories NEFERTITI -THE LONELY QUEEN looks at the current situation in the Middle East and how that affects the cultural heritage of certain areas. The invasion of Iraq and the revolutions in Egypt in Libya led to mayhem in the cultural heritage domain: we have seen many looted museums and looted archaeological sites. This has not stopped. We see how the Islamic State is selling looting licenses to entrepreneurs and professional art thieves. Looting now takes place on industrial scale.

History Uncovered

Tuesdays from 27 August - 8.30pm Channel 073

Myths die hard, and the history of the 20th century is no exception to this rule. Even today, we hold popular beliefs that we take for Evangelical truths. Thus, we believe that Hiroshima caused Japan to surrender, that the Marshall Plan saved Europe, that Adolf Hitler was a military genius, or that Mao Zedong was a necessary evil for China’s modernization. Of course, these judgments contain some truth; but, too broad-stroked to be accurate, they contradict the historical reality by denying its complexity. What if the truth was slightly different? Through an exploration of great national or international myths, this full archive documentary collection revisits the key moments of the 20th century with a new perspective in order to provide a new, smarter and more subtle interpretation, bringing elements to light that have been forgotten or sometimes overshadowed.

Abandoned Engineering

Season 2

Thursdays from 25 July - 7.30pm Channel 073

The world is peppered with examples of incredible engineering projects and buildings designed to make life easier for those that used them, amaze those that came to see them – and make money for those that ordered, designed and built them. They were the stuff of dreams. Often, as we’ll see in these shows, on occasion enormous engineering problems had to me resolved, obstacles overcome and new innovations employed just to get them built in the first place. Alas, a great number of these remarkable structures have now been abandoned, cast aside like enormous expensive out-of-date toys, never to be used in the ways for which they were intended. Some fell prey to political arguments and financial problems or were perhaps unable to defy the passing years, the pace of new technologies or the vagaries of fads and fashion. Others failed because they were simply monstrous testimonies to the vanity, greed and sheer stupidity of the people that built them.

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