Never miss a moment of your favourite show with My Sky

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With My Sky you can pause, rewind and record live TV. You choose when to watch your favourite shows, and with our smart series link feature you’ll never miss an episode again!

Have three must-see shows you want to record at the same time? No problem, with My Sky you can record three shows while watching a fourth live. My Sky has the capacity to record up to 35 hours of HD programming, or up to 100 hours of standard programming. This will vary (e.g. Live sport in HD will take up more space than movies in HD).

Need even more space to keep on top of all your favourite shows? My Sky+ has the same great features as My Sky, but with more recording capacity.

Monthly charges of $15 per month for My Sky, or $20 per month for My Sky+ apply.  Upgrading and downgrading Sky decoders may incur a box swap fee.

My Sky Features
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One of the best things about My Sky is the ability to record anything you like. You can even record three programs while watching a fourth live, awesome huh?

Pause and rewind - Don’t miss a second of your favourite show. Pause and rewind live TV.

Remote Record - If out and about and realise you’ve forgotten to record the big game, there’s no need to stress. You can set My Sky to remote record without even being there. Check out remote recording for details.

To Record - To make sure you don’t miss out on any new shows or movies, we’ve created a special green button. When you see this pop up on adverts for new shows and movies, simply press the green button on your remote and every episode in the series will be automatically set to record.

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Series Link

With series linking, you can record the whole series of your favourite show straight from the guide or banner. Just find the show you’re after and press the record button. If the show has more than one episode, a pop up will appear on screen where you can choose to record one episode or the whole series.

Series Stacking - Series stacking makes viewing your recordings even easier. If you’ve recorded more than one episode of a show you’ll find they are all saved neatly together under one handy title. Just press select to open the series stack.