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The Latest From Sky

Richard Hammond's Big

Mondays from 13 April at 9:25pm Channel 070

Buckle up as award-winning British car aficionado, presenter and host, Richard Hammond once again takes viewers on the ride of their lives to spotlight engineering at its finest in Richard Hammond’s BIG. With decades’ worth of knowledge in all things motor, science, adrenaline, engineering and more, he embarks on a global adventure – from the UK to the USA and beyond – to explore the planet’s biggest structures and machines and the incredible ways engineers have supersized our world.
From Italy to Austria and The Netherlands, Hammond goes behind-the-scenes of these colossal structures and machines to understand the science of ‘big’ and how some of the world’s brightest minds build, drive, fly and use these superstructures every day. In each episode, Hammond travels to a new location with exclusive access to world-class demos and experiments that spotlight the incredible challenges these architects, engineers and inventors have overcome as they’ve pushed the frontiers of scale in the quest for the next ‘BIG’ thing.

Gold Rush: White Water S3

Thursdays from 2 April at 7:30pm Channel 070

Gold Rush: White Water is gold mining at its most extreme as the Dakota boys, led by father and son team Fred and Dustin Hurt, return to risk it all to unearth millions in gold by diving in the raging white water of creeks in the Alaskan wilderness. Last season the crew reached their limit at their McKinley Creek dive site and moved their operations to new mining sites on Cahoon Creek, 2,000 feet high up the remote Chilkat Mountains in southeast Alaska. Now for the first time in 10 years, father and son are splitting up and working on separate claims to double their chances of striking it rich. But the higher up they go, the more dangerous it gets. As they head deeper into the hostile Alaskan wilderness, they’ll risk their lives battling hungry bears, falling rocks and boulders, and raging currents, searching for a monster payday.

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

Mondays from 9 March at 8.30pm Channel 072

The most beloved, wonder-filled science franchise in television history returns with a new, 13-episode, mind-blowing adventure.


Tuesdays 8.30pm Channel 006

With her caustic wit and singular charm, DCI Vera Stanhope and her team face a series of captivating murder mysteries set against the breathtaking Northumberland landscape.

Coyote Petersen: Brave The Wild

Saturdays 7.30pm Channel 076

YouTube personality and animal expert Coyote Peterson takes us on a wild adventure seeking out amazing up-close encounters with some of the most incredible and dangerous animals on the planet.

Drift This!

Season 1

Wednesdays from 4 March at 8:30pm Channel 075

In Drift This! professional drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck take their drifting expertise off the track as they pull out all the stops to go full drift in big trucks, tiny cars, things that should never drift and everything that should have been drifting all along. In the first episode, the guys are tired of parts delays holding up their builds. To speed things up, Chris and Ryan swing big out the gate with a gigantic brown box of a delivery truck. They’ll chop, cut, drop, boost and drift.

Food: Delicious Science

Starts Friday March 6, 7.30pm Channel 074

Seen at a microscopic level, your food resembles a vast range of strange and beautiful landscapes, which transform in mouthwatering ways as you cook. Using state-of-the-art photography and groundbreaking CQI, this landmark series uncovers a secret world of exquisite chemical reactions. Each fizz and tickle of the tongue is captured in such stunning detail you can almost taste it. This global food odyssey features colourful human stories of culinary culture. In Peru, learn how the chemicals in chocolate spark a unique sensory rush. And in Iberia, discover the most intense umami taste on the planet. This is untold story of your next mouthful.

Homicide's Elite S1 & S2

Thursdays from 5 March at 9:30PM Channel 071

Detectives David Quinn and Vince Velazquez have worked hundreds of homicides together, and if these two are on the case, the bad guys are going to prison. Homicide’s Elite features the most baffling, shocking and heartbreaking cases Quinn and Velazquez have worked in their combined 50 years on the street. From the minute the 911 call comes in, to each twist and turn, to arrest and conviction, this compelling new series takes viewers on a wild ride with these partners in crime.

Pit Bulls & Parolees

Saturdays from 21 March at 8:30pm Channel 076

Tia Maria Torres is a true believer in second chances and the new season of Pit Bulls & Parolees delivers more rescues and more heartfelt stories as Tia works tirelessly to change the stereotypes surrounding pit bulls, while offering parolees a new start as staff and volunteers. Join Tia, her family and her dedicated team at New Orleans-based Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest pit bull rescue in the U.S., as they work together to give every dog an opportunity to find a perfect home. It’s a jam-packed season filled with higher stakes, and for Tia, another opportunity to fight for these special animals who deserve a chance at life.