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In Colour

Mondays from 23 July - 8.30pm

  • History

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The Real
Story Of

Thursdays from 12 July - 7.30pm

  • History

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Empire Games

Tuesdays from 5 June - 7.30pm

  • History

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Channel 073

History is New Zealand's only television channel purely dedicated to history, bringing the power and passion of the past to life. It not only satisfies New Zealand's ever-growing demand for historical programming - it stimulates our curiosity to know more about our world. 
History has exclusive access to a vast library of the world's best historical and factual programming offering a high standard of quality in both production value and research - not just from every corner, but about every corner of the world.

America In Colour

Mondays from 23 July - 8.30pm Channel 073

It’s easy to imagine that the past was lived in black and white, but of course it wasn't. This landmark series uses modern colouration techniques to present a history of America in colour, for the first time. Decade by decade, this ambitious series puts the colour back in history, and brings the history back to life! From jazz-age speakeasies to the attack on Pearl Harbor, from the Great Depression to Elvismania, iconic images of America are vibrantly brought to the screen. To make this landmark series, filmmakers spent 6,000 hours painstakingly scouring obscure archives, dusting off forgotten family vaults, and tracking down dedicated private collectors to find the 27 miles of film they needed – much of it not seen for nearly a century. The result is a feast for the eyes, and brings a fresh excitement to the seminal images of our time. This show is narrated by Hollywood actor Liev Schreiber famous for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Salt (2010), Spotlight (2015) and long running TV show Ray Donovan (2013 - 2017).

The Real Story Of

Thursdays from 12 July - 7.30pm Channel 073

Could what really happened be more intriguing, more thrilling and more revealing than the fiction? Find out as this high octane documentary reveals the true stories behind some of Hollywood’s finest movies. Discover how Louis Zamperini, subject of Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, underwent his biggest transformation after the plot of the movie ended and the reality behind the movie depiction of American Sniper Chris Kyle. Blending dramatic reconstruction with telling archive of actual events, eyewitness testimony and documentary footage, Real Story Of... unpicks fact from fiction, meeting the people behind these extraordinary events to experience the real drama of the truth.

Empire Games

Tuesdays from 5 June - 7.30pm Channel 073

This series explores the greatest empires in a way that has never been fully investigated. Each episode highlights and exposes the political intrigue, personal vendettas, family mayhem, acts of vengeance and the ever-evolving tension, turmoil and chaos that shaped these civilizations and led to their destruction from within.

Secrets Of Britain's Great Cathedrals

Mondays from 4 June - 7.30pm Channel 073

Dominating the landscape for centuries, ancient cathedrals and abbeys reflect Britain’s turbulent history through their architectural grandeur—stories of its kings and queens and the religious and social changes brought about by the English Reformation, as well as many other tales of intrigue, love, faith and conviction. Secrets of Britain’s Great Cathedrals explores 22 cathedrals and abbeys found throughout England and Wales, featuring interviews with historians and experts and breathtaking 4K footage captured by drones filming their legendary facades and soaring interior spaces. Never before has a television series brought together such a great number of ancient cathedrals and abbeys under one unified story line.


Wednesdays from 2 May - 8.30pm Channel 073

There is one thing every crime syndicate has in common: a boss. A don. A Kingpin. Structure and hierarchy are the foundations of organized crime. But no regime lasts forever. And behind every Kingpin, there is a legion of ruthless lieutenants, soldiers and rivals dying to take his place. Sometimes, they await for the boss to retire or die of natural causes - and clash amongst themselves. More often, bullets fly and coups are staged. Power grabs and civil war are a matter of course in the criminal underworld. And when the dust settles, you never know who will be sitting on the throne.

Impossible Peace

Mondays from 7 May - 9.30pm Channel 073

WW1 was to be the war to end all wars. Why did peace only last 20 years? Impossible Peace is a must-see new history series that investigates what went so wrong after the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 that a second world war broke out only 20 years later. Showing that there is far more to the story than just understanding ‘the rise of Hitler’, the series takes us around the world in the following two decades to show that the path to WWII winds through an extraordinary, colourful, dangerous and varied landscape. From the Great Depression and Jazz Age to the rise of the Soviets, and from Gandhi and Picasso to Cole Porter, the significance of key events and people are explored.

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