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Channel 073

History is New Zealand's only television channel purely dedicated to history, bringing the power and passion of the past to life. It not only satisfies New Zealand's ever-growing demand for historical programming - it stimulates our curiosity to know more about our world. 
History has exclusive access to a vast library of the world's best historical and factual programming offering a high standard of quality in both production value and research - not just from every corner, but about every corner of the world.

Britain's Most Historic Towns S2

Tuesdays at 7:30pm March 3rd - April 7th Channel 073

In a new series, Alice Roberts once again explores key periods in British history through the story of individual towns. This time Alice finds herself in Cardiff, Stirling, Canterbury, Bristol, Dover and Oxford as she unpacks very different historic eras. Whether she’s experiencing life as a Plantagenet pilgrim, a World War II soldier during the Battle of Britain, or as an Edwardian lady of leisure, Alice experiences what life would have been like for people living through some of the most important periods in British history.

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