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Mandarin Language Channels

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Star Chinese Channel

Channel 155

STAR Chinese Channel is Asia’s leading Mandarin general entertainment channel. The channel presents a wide range of programming including talk shows, games shows, drama series, lifestyle and variety shows. Please contact the crew on 0800 759 759 to add to your subscription.

Star Chinese Movies

Channel 156

A 24hrs Chinese premium movie channel providing a combination of 1st run Chinese recent blockbusters and all-time hits, with additional content including original productions of mini-series & tele-features, superstars concerts & stage performances, major film awards and awarded Chinese documentary films.

There are two subscription options – you can get these channels added to your Basic package:

Any one channel - $9.99 per month

Both channels - $14.99 per month

Online upgrades are currently unavailable, to subscribe, you’ll need to call us on 0800 759 759.

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