My Account app

It's your Sky account at your fingertips.

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Manage your account,
easier than ever

My Account app makes it easy. View your
Sky packages and add more, view and update your details, check out and pay your bill, or set up a Direct Debit payment.

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Pay-Per-View in a couple
of clicks

With the new My Account app you can
easily find must-see live Pay-Per-View
sports events coming up in the next 7
days on Sky Arena, then simply book
with just two clicks. Too easy.

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Billing at your fingertips

Check out your Sky account whenever
and wherever you like. Quickly and easily
update your billing details, view and pay
your bill and even set up a direct debit
payment. How convenient.

The New My Account app has got your Sky Broadband covered too.

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Help always at hand

With the My Account app there are three ways to contact our
friendly local Sky Crew: video call (it’s always better if they can
see the problem); online chat; or simply give them a call.

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DIY Speed Test

Speed Test lets you test your own internet speed from the app, plus helps you understand the results, diagnose the issue and remedy it yourself. Job done.

Ready to tap into more of Sky?
Download the new My Account app now.