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Connect Your Box To Sky On Demand

Connect To Sky On Demand

To access On Demand, you will need to connect your Sky box to your home internet.

Connecting with built-in wifi

If your Sky box has a triangle Sky logo on the front, then it already has in-built Wi-Fi –
press [setup] on your remote, scroll to [Internet Connection] and follow the steps to setup your Wi-Fi.

Connecting your My Sky HDI or My Sky+

Connecting with a cable

Connecting with Sky Link Wifi

Connecting with a Powerline





Is your Sky box close to your internet modem? An ethernet cable is the simplest way of connecting your Sky to your home internet.


If your home WiFi signal is strong near your Sky Box we can lend you a Sky Link to connect your Sky box to your home WiFi. As we're lending you a Sky Link connection device to enhance your Sky experience, please look after it. If you don't need your device anymore get in touch and we will sort it out.


If you are unable to connect via ethernet or WiFi, we can offer powerline adaptors instead, allowing you to connect your Sky to your home internet via the power sockets in your home. (One off lending fee. Includes delivery)*.This is the most costly option and we recommend you take a look at the other two first.


*We are lending this adapter to you until you stop being a Sky customer. This is a consumer lease under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003, so we need to confirm that the fair market value of the adapter is currently $159, this adapter isn’t for sale and you won’t have an option to purchase it. To borrow this adapter, you just need to pay us a one off lending fee of $63.25, which includes delivery and handling, and is non-refundable. This fee will it be added to your next Sky bill. Please look after the adapter – if you damage or lose it, you may have to pay for us to lend you another one.