What is Sky On Demand?

On Demand gives you complete control of how you view content from the packages you subscribe to on your television. It lets you catch up on programs you’ve missed, or watch shows at a time that suits you better. You can also download select shows and movies to watch later without needing an internet connection, for even more viewing opportunities!

To access all the features and benefits of On Demand, all you need to do is simply connect your Sky Box to your home internet. Find out how here.

Once you’re connected you can discover the content available to you by pressing the Box Office button on your remote.

Sky On Demand is available for customers on at least the Sky Starter package with a Sky box in their home.



To access On Demand press the Box Office button on your remote and the On Demand screen will appear. You can scroll through titles and trailers to help you decide what to watch.


At the top of your screen is the search tab. This is where you are able to search the Guide, Planner and Sky On Demand library. You can search by title, keywords, cast or crew.


Watching a show is as easy as downloading it and pressing play. You can even start watching your show while the download finishes in the background!

The show or movie will be downloaded through your home internet and will use part of your data package.

The Planner

The planner shows the On Demand shows that you have downloaded, their expiry date and whether you have watched them.


Sky Box Office is available on Sky On Demand with the latest selection of movies to watch for an additional charge. These will only be available if your box is connected to the internet. If you’re not connected, please click here for instructions on how to connect.