What is SKY On Demand?

SKY On Demand offers customers with the Basic package or more a huge selection of SKY shows to choose from. Think of it as your own personal catalogue full of shows, movies and box sets for you to download to your planner and watch when you like*. You'll be able to watch shows from selected channels you currently subscribe to.

It's really easy to get set up. Simply connect your SKY box to your home internet.

*If you downgrade your subscription, some downloads may disappear from your planner. Expiration dates also apply.

On Demand Features

Browsing On Demand

To dive into SKY On Demand, press the Box Office button on your remote. You’ll arrive at the On Demand screen, which includes thumbnail images of the titles available. You can scroll through the titles and watch trailers to help you decide what to watch.

Its important to remember while you can see thumbnails of all the titles you’ll only be able to watch content from SKY channels you subscribe to. For example, you can watch On Demand content from the SoHo channel if you’re a current SoHo customer. The same goes if you subscribe to either our Movies or Sport packages.

Search On Demand

Navigate to the Search tab at the top of your screen and you'll arrive at the search tool. Here you can search the Guide, Planner and the SKY On Demand Library. This is a great way to search for shows that you know are coming up so you can set reminders or record if you have MY SKY. You can search by title, keywords or cast and crew.

The Planner

Your planner helps you plan all your TV viewing. It contains:

The SKY On Demand shows that you have downloaded, their expiry date and whether you have watched them.
All the shows you have recorded and whether or not you have watched them (if you have MY SKY).
The shows or series you have set to record in the future (if you have MY SKY).
The shows for which you have set a reminder.
Any Box Office movies you have purchased from SKY On Demand.

Downloading On Demand

Watching a show is as easy as downloading it and pressing play. You can even start watching your show while the download finishes in the background! Now that’s multi-tasking.

The show or movie will be downloaded through your home internet and will use part of your data package.

Favourite Channels

We’ve added a section to settings where you can select your favourite channels. Just choose ‘favourite channels’ from the drop down menu and select the channels you want to favourite. Press the green button to save. Once favourite channels are set up, you can easily scroll through them when the banner is visible by pressing the blue button on your remote.

Series Linking (with MY SKY)

With series linking, you can record the whole series of your favourite show straight from the guide or banner. Just find the show you’re after and press the record button. If the show has more than one episode a pop up will appear on screen where you can choose to record one episode or the whole series.

Series Stacking (with MY SKY)

Series stacking makes viewing your recordings even easier. If you’ve recorded more than one episode of a show you’ll find they are all saved neatly together under one handy title. Just press select to open the series stack.

Recording (with MY SKY)

Master multi-tasking and record three programs at once, while watching a fourth live.


SKY Box Office has been around for a while and includes a selection of movies you can watch that are charged to your account. SKY Box Office will be sticking around, but will now also be located under the On Demand menu.

The rest of the shows and movies under the SKY On Demand menu are available to download for free if you subscribe to the channel they are associated with.